transformation through the power of Creativity

transformation through the power of Creativity

Abuse & Mental Illness        Food & Body      General Coaching          Surprises


Abuse & Mental Illness        Food & Body      General Coaching          Surprises

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Azure is a writer and certified coach in the Psychology of Eating. Azure holds a Master's Degree in the sciences and is able to blend a pragmatic approach with the intuitive. Azure has overcome child abuse and a resulting eating disorder and is passionate about coaching and writing about healing issues related to abuse, food, body and mental illness. Azure believes that we all hold the power to heal ourselves by tapping into our own creativity.  Azure's goals through her work are to shed light and de-stigmatize issues in order to help create an environment that is less judgmental and more conducive to healing. Azure is also a wife and mother to a young daughter and is familiar with incorporating healing and growth into the demands of day to day life. 



Book #1, a memoir, coming soon!

Book #2 currently in progress!

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~ Are you interested in creating yourself well (healing yourself through your own creativity?)

~Do you find yourself eating compulsively or loathing your body when you meet your eye in the mirror? 

~Are you trying to overcome a difficult past with abuse or mental illness in your family? 

~Are you looking for a coaching perspective (as opposed to traditional therapy)? 

If yes to any of the above, I would love to help you find healing and the truest version of yourself. 


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